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Why should we lock during daytime?

Some people find it strange to lock their homes during the day but our experts remind you that most intrusions take place in broad daylight. If you want to leave the windows open and you are at the ground floor, it's best to put rails or motion detectors. It's important to keep all door locks secured.

What's the best way to ensure home security?

The golden rule is to combine different methods and the basics is deadbolt installation in all entry points. Don't leave any windows or doors without locks and make sure they're secured. On top of that you can install alarm systems, motion detectors, put lights in the yard and make sure these systems are upgraded.

Why isn’t my ignition key turning smoothly?

There could be lint, dust or dirt inside the ignition or it could be damaged. Alternatively, the key may be bent or chipped.

Why is it hard to turn the car key inside the ignition?

Well, there are several possible causes for that. Lint and debris could be built up inside. In this case, cleaning and lubrication will help to solve the problem. It is also possible for the key’s shank to be bent, and then it should be repaired or replaced timely. If the ignition itself malfunctions, it should be fixed or replaced.

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