Give Attention to Security Details

Give Attention to Security Details

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Every decision we make comes with consequences and they better be good. When we decide to have the door locks replaced at home, we do it for a purpose. Not all locks are completely damaged when we replace them; sometimes, we choose to proceed with lock change to reinforce security but our actions will have good results if we do it right. Thinking hard about security matters before we make changes in our homes is vital. What we decide today might have bad repercussions tomorrow. We cannot always think of everything or predict things for the future but giving attention to details can truly make some difference.


7 things you must watch out for


  • If you are getting new security door locks, get good ones. There is a reason why the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) classifies bolts as first, second or third grade. Choose the first one. This will mean that they are reliable, made of sturdy materials and can really protect you.
  • Make sure the bolt is long enough – at least 1 inch long. Short ones won't enter all the way into the hole of the strike plate and the door can be opened relatively easily.Give Attention to Security Details
  • Make sure the strike plates have at least three to four screws of 3 inches long.
  • The distance between your door locks and the window or any other glass door must be at least 42 inches. In any other case, an intruder could reach and unlock the door when you are not looking. It's best to put stops in such windows, so that they won't open fully, but only a few inches wide.
  • Don't leave the windows open just because you are at home. Most home invasions take place during the day. If you insist on keeping them open, place bars.
  • If your keys are stolen, have them changed. Key replacement is not the solution because it is basically vital to change the configuration of the lock and, thus, the key, in order to avoid coming face to face with whoever stole your keys.
  • If your house is built next to trees, have them trimmed often. Perpetrators are like cats; they like to climb and jump in the sill without you noticing them.

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