Making the Right Decision about Lock Rekey

Making the Right Decision about Lock Rekey

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You have heard that lock rekey is a good solution when you want to improve the security of your home or office. Yes, it does work great, but it may not be the best thing to do in any kind of situation. Let’s take a closer look at rekeying and when it is worth using.

The Best Solution for Your Door Lock Problem

Rekeying involves the changing of the pins inside the cylinder of the lock. This makes it possible for the lockset to be operated only with a new set of keys with the old ones becoming useless. Given this, the solution works best when you have lost house keys or office keys. Similarly, if you have a home or business employee who has a key from your premises, but quits, rekeying the front door lock will help you to ensure that this person will no longer have access to the property.

When is rekeying not a good idea? In general, whether this solution can be used depends on the design of the lock. Some devices are not designed to be rekeyed. In such situations, it will be necessary to replace the cylinder or the entire door lockset, again depending on the design.

There are also cases when lock replacement will be the best solution. When the lock is in poor condition or has gotten outdated, it is best to get a new one installed. This will help you to keep the security of your door optimal. You need to choose a new lock which is resistant to physical damage, wear and tear and all kinds of break-in techniques. Remember to check its rating too.

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