Funny Story - Who Got Whose Keys

Funny Story - Who Got Whose Keys

It is funny reading what our customers write about their funny lock and key stories, but when we are needed we take our job seriously and help in a timely fashion

We hadn't seen each other for some time and decided to get together for lunch that day. All three of us worked together in the same office for a long time, but then we all got other jobs and lost touch until recently. We had some laughs, looked at pictures of our families on our cells, talked about our jobs and had a great time. After saying goodbye, we all left in different directions since we had different things to do. At one point, I had to get my car and head back home when I realized that the car wouldn't open. I actually tried to open the locked car with the key and through the fob several times until I realized I was holding the wrong keys.

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I must have taken one of my friend’s keys instead of mine - who knows whose! I gather he'd been locked out too but what was important right now was to find a locksmith. At that point my phone rang and it was one of my friends telling me that he had the same problem as me. We laughed about it and simply assumed that I had his car key and he had mine. Since he was close by, we decided to meet mid-way and exchange keys. So we did! Then I got back in my car and tried to open the door. It still wouldn't open. I took a closer look of the auto chip keys and realized that these weren't mine either.

So, I called back. He was already on his way home while I was stuck in the same parking lot and I simply assumed that our third friend probably had my keys and now I had his. He just didn't know it yet. His secretary told me he was in an important meeting and couldn't be interrupted. “What a messy situation,” I thought to myself and I was just glad that I had a smartphone. I called Locksmith Bonsall and one of the company's technicians was with me shortly. This was such a relief! I just asked him to make me a new key and open my car because I was getting too tired of this whole thing. My friend called an hour later and I explained what happened. He said that he would call the same locksmith as me before heading out of the office but the service was so fast that I told him to call the lock repair company on his way to the car. The guy arrived in just minutes and thanks to him both of us were helped!

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